Wild Thing, Kinsale (detail), drypoint, watercolour chine collé, 63 x63 cms.

Footprint Series

Footprint – Limerick, drypoint, watercolour, chine collé, image 30.4 x 30.4 cms (1′ x1′)

Footprint – Berlin, drypoint, watercolour, chine collé, image 30.4 x 30.4 cms (1′ x1′)

20 Years of Change

Exhibited at 20 Years of Change, Ink Shop, Ithaca, New York, 2020

What will I think tomorrow? drypoint, watercolour, chine collé, Paper size: 70cm x 50cm. Image: 40cm x 40cm

III International Mini Print Cantabria, Spain

The Beacon, drypoint, chine collé, watercolour, image 16 x 16 cms

The Old Head, drypoint, chine collé, 16 x 16 cms

The Fastnet, drypoint, chine collé, 16 x 16 cms

Borderland Series

Some of humanity’s basic desires include both a strong identification with ‘place’ and a need for freedom and escape; a need for both mobility and roots. Borders can give people a sense of identity and freedom but can also trap us.

(According to UNHCR there are more people than ever on the move, over 70 million people forcibly displaced by persecution, conflict, violence, human-rights violations, poverty and global warming.)

Borderlands is a series of reflections on ‘borders’, the concept, and in some cases, actual places.
Nueva Entrada refers to the fence surrounding Ceuta, the Spanish North African enclave, a land border separating Europe and Africa.
Antifaschistischer Schutzwall, Anti-fascist protection rampart  was what the authorities in the German Democratic Republic called the Berlin wall, which was of course erected to keep people in.
Facts on the ground
is a term that refers to Israeli settlements built on the occupied West Bank, a tactic used by Zionists for over a hundred years to obtain more and more control over Palestine.
Both Sides
refers to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which in places runs through villages, farms and even in some cases through houses.

Each print is in an edition of ten, image 33 x 33 cms, printed on Fabriano 285 gm2, 50 x 50cms.

Borderlands – Facts on the Ground, drypoint, watercolour, chine collé

Borderlands – Nueva Entrada, drypoint, watercolour, cine collé

Borderlands – Antifaschitischer Schutzwall, Anti-fascist protection rampart, drypoint, cine collé

Borderlands – Both Sides, drypoint, watercolour, cine collé

Limerick printmakers at 20

Two prints made for Limerick printmakers at 20, and exhibition celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Limerick Printmakers, exhibited at the  Hunt Museum, Limerick and the Luan Gallery in Athlone 2019/20.

Limerick Printmakers is now established behind the impressive door of number 3 John’s Square, an important mid eighteenth-century classical city development designed by Francis Bindon.

In the square you can find a butcher, a chemist, heavily pruned city trees, a pub, a church, grand Georgian buildings, a graveyard, a dance studio and, within a minute’s walk, the citadel, gate and part of the old city Medieval walls, a convent, a cathedral, a hospital, dwelling houses, a chip shop, a funeral home, a cathedral, a hospital, dwelling houses and a public fountain.

Each print is in an edition of twenty one, printed on Fabriano 285 gm2 paper, 70cm x 50cm

Outside Our Window, drypoint, watercolour

Outside the Door, drypoint, watercolour, chine collé

The Flaggy Shore

“And some time make the time to drive out west
Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore
In September or October, when the wind
And the light are working off each other…”

from Postscript by Seamus Heaney

Walking Drawing

Walking Drawing, Flaggy Shore 1, pencil on paper, image 44 x 64 cms

Walking Drawing, Flaggy Shore 2, pencil on paper, image 44 x 64 cms

A series of prints from the Flaggy Shore, between New Quay and Finavarra Point, on the northernmost edge of the Burren, made for the Russell Gallery, New Quay, Co. Clare

Each print is in an edition of two, printed on  Fabriano 285 gm2 paper

New Quay and Black Head, Stage 1, drypoint, watercolour, image 35 x 28 cms

New Quay and Black Head, Stage 3, drypoint, watercolour, image 35 x 28 cms

New Quay, drypoint, watercolour, image 35 x 28 cms

On the Flaggy Shore, S I, drypoint

On the Flaggy Shore, S2, drypoint

On the Flaggy Shore, S3, drypoint

On the Flaggy Shore, S4, drypoint

On the Flaggy Shore, S5, drypoint

On the Flaggy Shore series, image size 21 x 24 cms approx

'imPRESSions', National Open Print Exhibition, Galway

Dublin ReDrawn: Urbs Antiqua, drypoint, watercolour, chine collé

Exhibited at imPRESSions Printmaking Biennial 2019, curated by Ian Ritchie CBE RA, Galway


On an Island Further South

On an Island Further South, drypoint, watercolour, 70 x 100cms

 An on-going series of prints based on the Canary Islands


Italian-Irish Connections / Stampa Ora

A collaborative exhibition project between the Association Nazionale Incisori Contemporanei & Cork Printmakers.

Foundazione Villa Benzi, Treviso; Universita Degli Studi Sassari, Sardinia; The Crawford Art Gallery, Cork and  Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford, 2018.
Curated by Anne Hodge, Curator of Prints, at The National Gallery of Ireland.

An Island in the Atlantic Ocean, Further South II, drypoint, watercolour, 60 x 80 cms,
An Island in the Atlantic Ocean, Further South I, drypoint, watercolour, 70 x 50 cms.

State of Print

Curated by Limerick Printmakers, at Encuetro y Conferencia Internacional Multidisciplinar de Grafica /

Impact 10, Santander 2018; Ambaixada de Barcelona, Espai Cultural EINA, Barcelona, 2018.

An Encounter with a Mountain, drypoint, watercolour, 50 x 70 cms
An Encounter with a Fish, drypoint, watercolour, 50 x 70 cms

The Killaloe Series

The Killaloe Series is a set of eight intaglio prints made by David Lilburn in 2017, to be shown at the 5th Killaloe Music Festival, 2017.

Each print, drypoint and watercolour, has an image size of 33x33cms and is printed on Fabriano Ivorio, 280gms paper h70 x 50cms and is in an edition of ten.


The book Pony by Tony Curtis & David Lilburn (poems by Tony Curtis, images by David Lilburn), first published by Occasional Press, in collaboration with Ballynahinch Castle in 2013 was last reprinted in paperback in 2017.


Kilkee Redrawn, drypoint, watercolour, chine colle, 70 x 100cms, Exhibited at the RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin, 2017.

Kilkee Redrawn

Publications / Articles

This Flight Tonight by Tony Curtis

Published by Occasional Press, in collaboration with Ballynahinch Castle, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alcock and Brown first non-stop flight of 1,900 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to Ireland in June 2019. Illustrated by David Lilburn.


This Flight Tonight by Tony Curtis

In a weave of archive documentation with his original narratives and poems, poet Tony Curtis explores the remarkable story of Alcock and Brown’s daring and dangerous journey into the unknown. His vivid account is packed with fascinating details of the flight and also gives us insights into the personalities of the two men, picking up their lives in the wake of the First World War – a war in which they had both fought and which had finally ground to its end barely seven months before they undertook their renowned flight out into the Newfoundland night and on into History. 

The book is published in a paperback edition of 500 and in a special hardback limited edition of 150 carrying an original print by David Lilburn and Tony Curtis, 125 of which are available for sale.
For further Information or to purchase the book email:  Bríd O’Malley : brid@ballynahinch-castle.com

Léargas, Connemara Observed, Clifden Arts Festival 2018

An exhibition of six artists marking 13 years of collaboration between Occasional Press and Ballynahinch Castle.

Link to PDF: Aidan Dunnes review in The Irish Times

Good Morning Mr. Turner

Article on Niall Naessens exhibition at the National Gallery at the 2018 Seasons’ annual display of the Turner Collection in the Irish Arts Review. Winter, 2017/2018

Link to Article: Good Morning Mr Turner

Dietrich Blodau: A Life of Observations

A special edition book Deitrich Blodau: A life of observations designed by David Lilburn was published in 2017 by the Hunt Museum, Limerick, to mark the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of work by Deitrich Blodau.

Links: Nina Blodau: nblodau@yahoo.com


Article in the current edition of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America 9:1 2018 ‘Conscience as Compass: Creative  Encounters between Ireland and Latin America’.




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